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Philips monitors medical

Philips is introducing an innovative concept for a wireless device that can monitor the vital signs of patients. If a patient's condition were to worsen, this patient monitoring system would send an alert to a centralized location, notifying the emergency medical team of the situation. This will make it easier for doctors to triage patients and thus reduce the likelihood of patients passing away while they are waiting.

IntelliVue X3 transport monitor

The Philips IntelliVue X3 is a portable patient medical monitor that allows for continuous monitoring both at the patient's bedside and throughout the hospital. It operates in a manner similar to that of a smart phone and can completely integrate with a wide number of mobile applications, all of which are designed to make hospital operations more efficient. Over five hours of continuous run time can be provided by the IntelliVue X3 because to the built-in battery that it features. It also has the capability of being hooked to a host display, which adds even another connectivity option.

The IntelliVue X3 from Philips is a portable patient vital signs monitor that combines smartphone-like control with a scalable set of clinical metrics. It is available for purchase now. The IntelliVue X3 is a combination of a robust casing and an operating system designed for smartphones. It only takes the touch of a finger to operate both the touchscreen and the app interface on this device.

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