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omnibed giraffe incubator

The ohmeda giraffe incubator has been recalled by GE. Because the PDM used in the incubator was recalled, they had to recall the product. The website listed below has more details on this recall.

Safety instructions

There is a reason why recalling its ge healthcare giraffe warmer. But there is some good news as well. The giraffe is a small device that combines the best features of an incubator and a radiant warmer. The apparatus is also a test subject in and of itself, going through a rigorous cosmetic restoration procedure before being put back into use.

Even though the giraffe may be the center of attention, the OmniBed is a pretty helpful tool for tracking temperature. It can monitor a baby's temperature from two anatomical sites thanks to its two patient temperature probe jacks. The OmniBed can be used to monitor a single baby's temperature from two anatomical sites and is helpful when twins are co-bedded.

The Giraffe Incubator was also recalled by GE Healthcare. It has some features, including a built-in timer. The aforementioned servo-controlled oxygen system is also present. With the help of this system, oxygen can be administered without disturbing the baby. There are other products on the market that use the same technology as the OmniBed.

The range of the servo-controlled oxygen system is 21 to 65%. Along with a temperature display screen, which is practically unheard of on this kind of device, it also has a strong snooze timer. With its numerous colors of lights, the display is also one of the coolest looking. The OmniBed has a multi-function button that can be used to power on, power off, and turn on a radiant warmer.

The system can even be used to adjust the temperature of the baby's bed. The servo-controlled oxygen has the smallest touchpad in the device's base. When the infant needs to be transferred to another bed, this feature is helpful.

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