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ohmeda giraffe incubator

The omnibed giraffe incubator is a fully functional incubator that, when needed, transforms into a radiant warmer. This distinctive feature improves accessibility for the parents while easing the baby's stress. This all-in-one neonatal care station offers a family-centered critical care environment by fusing cutting-edge technology with outstanding performance.

Sound level

The amount of noise in the incubator is a crucial component of neonatal intensive care. This is significant because premature babies' auditory systems are not fully mature when they are born. The American Academy of Pediatrics frequently recommends against this acoustic environment for neonatal intensive care units (NICU). The goal of this study is to measure the ohmeda giraffe incubator noise level and determine whether any modifications are required to lower noise levels.

International standards call for incubators to have an ambient noise level of 45 dBA or less. When an incubator satisfies these requirements, it is deemed safe. Incubator noise levels are continuously checked to make sure they are within acceptable ranges. Additionally, the noise level inside the incubator's cabin is the same as the noise level outside. The motor that powers a fan inside the incubator makes noise to keep the cabin at the ideal temperature.

Prior to the test, the minimum sound level was 50 dB, and inside the incubator, it was 45 dB. The quiet room's maximum noise level was 81dB (+4), while the NICU's was 77dB (+5). These levels exceed the permissible ambient noise level for a NICU, but the incubator's acoustic insulation is intended to dampen noise when ambient noise levels are low.

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