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ohmeda gas outlet

Whether you're building a house or replacing an existing ohmeda gas outlet, you'll want to make sure you get the right one. There are various types of outlets available, including SMP-certified, Series B, and Powerex.

SMP Japanese Standard

OHMEDA is a medical term for a gas-specific med gas outlets with a Quick Adapter for level connections. There are various styles and designs available.

Medical gas, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or vacuum can be supplied through these outlets. They can be connected to a flexible plastic tube, a copper pipeline, or a probe connector. The OHMEDA Quick Adapter is also available in both plastic and metal versions.

These medical gas outlets comply with NFPA99. They can be mounted on the head of a bed or on a wall. They come in 1-valve and 2-valve boxes. They also have an open top slot for future growth. The housings are made of crack-resistant polycarbonate. They have high quality standards. They have fewer parts, which makes maintenance easier. They are simple to install and can be done by the patient's caregiver. They offer healthcare facilities an affordable solution.

These outlets are intended for use by doctors and other medical professionals. For safety and dependability, they use an engraved gas service. They are color coded by service. They are NFPA99 and CE compliant.

These outlets are also available in the Wall, Console, and Wall Mount configurations. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Metal and plastic covers are available for the Wall and Console models.

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Complimentary latch valve assembly

The Latch Valve Assembly is just one of the many features of an ohmeda gas outlet. Latch valves are intended to connect gas services quickly and securely. An indexing assembly and a connector with an internal check valve make up the valve assembly. As a result, the valve can be removed without interfering with the flow of other gas services.

The Ohmeda Gas Outlet Latch Valve Assembly comes in a variety of configurations. The four types of Latch-Valve Mechanisms available are Puritan-Bennett, Quick-Connect Ohmeda, and Quick-Connect Chemetron Compatible.

Before servicing any outlet, notify hospital engineering or maintenance personnel. The entire outlet must be thoroughly tested for leaks, and the gas connection must be inspected for safety. If necessary, replace the valve body, O-ring, and connector retaining plate. On a positive pressure outlet, a secondary check valve should be installed.

To aid identification, a Latch Valve Assembly for an Ohmeda gas outlet is color coded. A Hook Plate is also installed to reduce gas leaks. This enables the latch valve to be serviced without shutting down the outlet. It is also treated with the Biomaster additive, which inhibits bacterial growth.

The Latch Valve Assembly for the Ohmeda Gas Outlet is sold as a component of the back-body assembly. The Back-Body Assembly for an Ohmeda gas wall outlet is designed to be unique for each gas. It includes a check valve, copper tube, and a latch valve assembly. It is UL Listed and ETL Listed. It is compatible with the Ohio Medical, Puritan-Bennett, and Chemetron quick connect adapters.

The Back-Body Assembly is constructed from a single piece brass construction. It is available in a variety of sizes and can be ganged in 5" center to center assemblies.

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