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o2 oxygen regulator

The o2 oxygen regulators come in a variety of forms. The conventional regulator, which has a preset PSI setting of 50 PSI, is one of the most used varieties. The output pressure is kept constant with the specified PSI. The user cannot, however, change the delivery pressure or flow rate with these regulators.

Quick connect

An oxygen tank and oxygen supply hose are connected by a quick connect oxygen regulator. This apparatus is made to make sure the patient is always secure and at ease while utilizing the oxygen. The Ohmeda Style is one of the several designs of regulators that are offered. In addition to being sturdy, Ohmeda regulators also have a 90-degree swivel fitting to lessen coiling or looping.

The regulator's connection to the oxygen cylinder needs to be finger-tight. Conducting a system leak evaluation is a good idea when an oxygen regulator is not finger-tight. You can accomplish this by making sure the flowmeter is connected and that the valve stem is closed.

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