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The care4(tm) hospital suction regulator is the first vacuum suction regulator in the world to provide four different modes. It is made to conform to the stringent requirements of a hospital and to enable the use of a single suction regulator throughout the entirety of the medical facility. It can be utilized in any of the clinical suction areas that are available.


The hospital suction regulator made by Amvex is an uncomplicated piece of equipment that gets the job done. Its design incorporates three distinct components that, when combined, are capable of producing either intermittent or continuous suction. The timing module 38 is the origin of the hospital vacuum; it is coupled to the regulator input port 46 and functions as the regulator. The timing module determines when the hospital vacuum is turned ON and when it is turned OFF.

There are pediatric and adult versions of the Amvex hospital suction regulator available to choose from. Its forward-thinking architecture makes it simple to service and maintain, and it also has features that are at the cutting edge of technology. In addition to that, it features both a Digital and an Analog option for simple adjustment, both of which may be upgraded. Because it has an adjustable range of gauges that can go from 0-300 mmHg in increments, it can accommodate the individual suction requirements of each patient without jeopardizing their safety.

The wall suction regulators made by Amvex for use in hospitals can be operated either manually or mechanically. The gadget includes a mode selection control that enables the clinician to choose the mode that is most suitable for the particular application at hand. When set to the automated mode, the regulator will make adjustments to itself in response to changes in the amount of vacuum and demand at the catheter tip. Because of this function, the regulator is simple to operate for the vast majority of medical suctioning applications. Alternately, the intermittent regulator is tailored to meet the requirements of particular applications.

The IVR 20 is made up of two different modules: a gauge module and a regulating module 36. A control knob, number 28, is used to adjust the settings of the regulating module. Through the use of an input line, the IVR 20 can be linked to the hospital vacuum. Following that, the regulator will provide the patient with the regulated suction by way of the outlet coupling 44.

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The ALIZE hospital suction regulator from Air Liquide is a practical vacuum regulator that is utilized to adjust the suction of a hospital's pipeline vacuum system. Its dual-action design permits fast, effective action. In addition to this, it enhances medical hygiene and makes the safe extraction of fluids more easier.

One of the most important pieces of equipment that a hospital should have is a hospital suction regulator. It reduces the high pressure that is generated by the central vacuum system of the hospital to a level that is suitable for the patient. Because the vacuum at the hospital is too strong to be used on human tissue, the regulator lowers the pressure to a point where it is safe for the patient to be exposed to it.

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