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heska iv pump manual

The operation of the heska iv pump is a straightforward procedure. Nevertheless, there are a few actions that you need to take in order to guarantee that the pump is functioning appropriately. The next paragraphs will elaborate on each of these points.

VTBI on a heska iv pump

VTBI is a method that is implemented in primary heska infusion pumps in order to facilitate automated switching from the secondary infusion to the primary infusion. Because of this, it will be possible to set a different rate for the secondary infusion than the primary one. This is significant because the concentration of the medications that are related to one another can alter.

When compared to the flow rate of the secondary infusion, the primary infusion has a higher rate. This can lead to a combination of the two fluids being produced as a result. Because of this, there is a possibility that some patients will not receive the appropriate quantity of their prescriptions. Additionally, it poses a risk to one's life.

Errors that occur during secondary infusions might lead to the patient receiving improper treatment or perhaps causing the patient harm. It is possible for these problems to manifest themselves as a result of mistakes in the programming, clamping, or connection of the infusion line.heska iv pump manual

Secondary clamp mistakes can lead to the pump not working properly and the improper amount of fluid being infused into the system. A line that has accumulated air can also bring the pump to a halt. When using a fluid clamp, it is possible to prevent air from entering the line.

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