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Using heel warmers for neonatal patients can be an effective means of managing painful foot conditions. They can help to reduce bruising, infections and cartilage damage. Using heel warmers can also increase blood flow to the foot.

Increases blood flow

It is possible to successfully raise the amount of blood that flows to the region of the heel in neonatal patients by making use of a heel warmer. It makes blood collection easier and reduces the likelihood of bruising, both of which are benefits. The warming of the heel prior to the surgery was found to enhance blood flow, according to a study that was conducted in Istanbul on 120 babies at a neonatal critical care unit. The temperature of the heated water was not evaluated as part of this study; rather, the focus was on determining whether or not the device's heat contributed to a reduction in the total amount of time required to carry out the treatment.

The most common form of invasive procedure performed on newborns is called a heel lancing. A heel stick test is used to diagnose diseases connected to the circulation of blood as well as screen for unusual genetic issues. During the process, a sterile, single-use device will be inserted into the patient's heel in order to make a cut that is 2.5 millimeters deep. The majority of people who get their heels lanced complain about the pain. According to the findings of one study, the use of a heel warmer can lessen the amount of discomfort experienced by the infant and cut down on the number of times that the process needs to be carried out.

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