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harvard apparatus syringe pump

You should use the  harvard apparatus syringe pump if you need to accurately and quickly administer intravenous medication. The user-friendly interface of this pump lets you regulate the injection's speed and volume. Additionally, it is made to guarantee that the needle remains put in the proper spot. The review was written by the Harvard R&D group.

Physio 22 Syringe Pump


One of the most sophisticated and well-liked syringe pumps available is the Harvard Apparatus Physio 22 Sywinge Pump or syringe infusion pump. It can handle a range of syringe sizes thanks to its distinctive microliter syringe rack. Additionally, the pump has an anti-siphon bracket to stop unintentional fluid loss.

For programming and monitoring, the Physio 22 Syringe Pump has an LED display and a numeric keypad. Syringe diameter information and flow rate in ml/hr or ul/min can be entered by the user. By keeping track of leadscrew rotation throughout the pumping process, the optical encoder maintains the flow rate. A run LED that flashes when the syringe plunger stops moving is also a feature of the pump.

Syringe pumps are offered in a variety of designs and price ranges. You might want to buy a Push/Pull pump, a high-pressure model, or a continuous flow pump depending on the application. Although the pump can handle syringes up to 140 ml, you should only use a 50 ml syringe if you don't intend to use a full stroke.

a syringe pump is a tiny infusion pump that slowly administers small amounts of fluids. In a hospital setting, it is frequently used for IV medications. The study of chemicals also makes use of them. The pump's stepper motor allows it to deliver precise flow rates, making it perfect for medical settings. One of the best-selling and highest-quality syringe pumps on the market is the B Braun Syringe Pump. This pump has a superb reputation and a vast service network.

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