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Installing a gas changeover manifold at your location will assist you in maintaining the productivity of your business as well as the safety of your workforce. However, you are responsible for ensuring that the changeover manifold is kept in good condition at all times. This article will cover the significance of doing regular maintenance and tests on the gas changeover manifold.

Automatic vs semi-automatic

You will need to decide whether you want a fully automatic or a semi-automatic gas changeover manifold in order to get the model that is the most suitable for your requirements. A changeover manifold is a system of pressure regulators that brings the pressure in a system down to the desired level at which it is maintained. It helps cut down on downtime and reduces the danger of failure at the same time.

Two distinct steps of pressure decrease are contained within an auto changeover manifold. When the pressure in one of the primary bank cylinders drops below a particular threshold, the first stage kicks into gear and begins its operation. When the pressure in the primary bank falls to a level lower than the changeover pressure, the second stage begins to operate. After the activation of the switch, the secondary bank of cylinders will perform an automatic switchover.

A form of manifold known as a semi-automatic medical gas terminal changeover manifold is a manifold that regulates the pressure in the system through the use of a number of valves. The operator will turn a knob in a given direction once the pressure in the system has reached a predetermined threshold. After that, the system switches from operating on the active side to operating on the reserve side. The right hand regulator of a semi-automatic manifold has the ability to set a value that is either higher than or lower than the value set by the left hand regulator.

When one bank of cylinders becomes exhausted, an auto changeover manifold is programmed to monitor the continuous gas supply and transfer over to the standby bank of cylinders without the need for human intervention. In addition to that, it might have an integrated line regulator that is able to help manage the delivery pressure.

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