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Until recently, infant incubators were considered a luxury item, not an essential item. However, as a result of advances in technology, they are now being used more and more to keep premature babies warm.

Dr. Martin Couney

A European immigrant by the name of Martin Couney was a carnival exhibitor in the early 1900s who is credited with having saved the lives of thousands of infants on Coney Island by operating infant incubators. In needy families' eyes, he was nothing short of a miracle worker, and they entrusted him with the responsibility of looking after their children. At the time, no other hospital in the United States could match the level of innovation that his incubators brought to the care of premature infants.

The neonatal transport incubator facility at Couney was one of the attractions at Coney Island that had the most foot traffic. It shared a location with the "freak" shows at the convention. The entrance fee for the display was one quarter for each guest. At the many World's Fairs that Couney participated in, he displayed the infants that he had received from all across the United States. He made certain that they were washed and fed on a consistent basis. Additionally, he emphasized how vital it is to provide infants breast milk. He had a staff of dry nurses who dressed in crisp white uniforms at his disposal. The structure visited a number of different amusement parks. More than three decades have passed since Couney's shows have been a mainstay at Coney Island.

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