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dead space in lungs

Millions of people suffer from dead space in lungs. This is a condition where the air that gets into and out of your lungs is not sufficient. It can be caused by a variety of factors, most notably smoking and pollution. In this article, we will discuss the causes and effects of dead space in lungs and offer some tips on how to deal with it. We will also discuss ways to monitor your lung health so you can treat any issues before they get worse.

What is dead space in the lungs?

Dead space is a term used to describe the space within the lungs that is not occupied by air. This space can become filled with fluid, debris, and infection, which can lead to respiratory infections and even death. The cause of dead space formation is unknown, but it is thought to be due to abnormalities in the lung's architecture or function this is a severe case for individuals which need a patient monitoring system.

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