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agilia infusion pump user manual

It can be easier to make sure you get the most out of your medical equipment if you have the appropriate user manual for an agilia infusion pump. When your pump has a problem and you need to know how to fix it, having a guide can assist you know what to do. You can keep track of all your infusions with the aid of a guidebook. Knowing what to do in the event that you have to re-start an infusion from scratch can be useful.

Volumat MC Agilia Volumetric Infusion Pump

Besides its ease of use, Volumat MC Agilia volumetric infusion pump user manual has a built-in security system to prevent the risk of free flow. It also has a pressure monitoring system to prevent the risk of under-infusion of medications.

Volumat MC Agilia volumetric infusion pump has an internal battery to ensure a minimum autonomy of 8 hours when 125 ml/h is in use. The device is also designed to operate during mains power cut. In order to achieve optimal performance, Fresenius-Vial recommends the presence of qualified personnel in the establishment. The pump uses a Link system for communication with the communications system.

Volumat MC Agilia volumetric infusion pump is programmed in three modes. It has an automatic occlusion checking system that prevents the risk of free-flow. It also has an infusion monitoring system. It is a portable device designed for use in multiple hospital care areas.

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Serious injuries or death

Thousands of Volumat MC  agilia infusion pumps are being recalled in the U.S. by Fresenius Kabi. The device's "Keep Vein Open" alarm signal is causing problems for some users. The company is updating its software library to correct issues, and users should follow specific instructions to prevent harm.

Fresenius Kabi has received 14 complaints about the device. The company identified four software errors that could lead to serious patient harm. It will upgrade its KVO alarm signal to high priority. This means that a clinician would be notified when the infusion completes. It is important to respond to the alarm as soon as possible. Failure to respond could lead to under-infusion or delay in care.

The Volumat MC Agilia infusion pump is used in several hospital facilities. It is designed to administer fluids in pediatrics and neonates. It also is used to administer fluids in adults. It is a small, portable infusion pump.

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