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Chemetron Oxygen Flowmeter

A brass body chemetron oxygen flowmeter is among the respiratory therapy products available from Allied Medical Products. The TimeterOxygen 15002-03 has a male adapter on the back.

TimeterOxygen 15002-03 with Chemetron male adapter back

The TimeterOxygen 15002-03 with Chemetron male adapter back is a low-cost, high-performance oxygen flowmeter designed for portable or hospital oxygen systems. The TimeterOxygen 15002-03, which has a dual-tapered measuring tube, a steel float, and a brass body, can measure oxygen flow at a rate of 0 - 15 lpm. A dual-function display shows readings as well as an alarm.

The TimeterOxygen 15002-03 is covered by a one-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects. It is also compatible with the vast majority of oxygen accessories. The TB210 (model 320) 1/8" NPT female inlet thread is compatible with 20 to 25 psi liquid oxygen, and a 3 lpm oxygen flowmeter is also available.

The TimeterOxygen (model 210) 3.5 lpm oxygen flowmeters a little more difficult to use. A DISS male oxygen bottom outlet is included with this flow meter. It also includes a hex screw and barbed oxygen tubing. A wall adapter is required separately. As a result, it may take a few days for this item to arrive from our facility.

The TimeterOxygen 15002-03 with Chemetron male adapter back has a large, clear LED display. The display is simple to read and available in red, blue, and green. It also includes a warranty against manufacturing flaws. Allied Healthcare (Allied Therapeutics) offers the most comprehensive line of air and oxygen flowmeters on the market.

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