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What is Infant Warmer?

July 28,2023

Composition of infant warmer


An infant warmer is a key piece of equipment in neonatal intensive care units, aimed at providing the newborn with a comfortable thermal area that maintains its body temperature between 36 and 37 degrees. This is because when a baby is born from the mother’s womb, which is a natural incubator, it needs to be warmed up.

Our infant warmer have 3 temperature control modes:(Pre-heating model; air model & skin model)

Infant warmers are used regularly in delivery rooms and neonatal care units to simultaneously provide external heat and open access to newborns. Immediately after birth, babies are routinely placed under warm, radiant light to help stabilize their temperature until they can achieve self-regulation. Monitoring and resuscitation can be easily performed from the open access of a radiant warmer, along with the necessary procedures. Infant warmers are also used for critically ill patients who require constant nursing intervention.

What is an infant warmer composed of?

Composition of Products



The infant radiant of the heat transfer is carried out mainly by thermal radiation; that is, the heat energy source is separated from the heat receptor and the heat receptor (heat) travels through the air in the form of electromagnetic waves.

The way a children’s warmer works and its structure facilitate quick access to the child and even observe it directly. At the same time they provide continuous heat to keep the baby’s temperature stable.

It has a base with wheels, of which two have a braking system. It also includes a lamp for night light and one with white LED light for examination.