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SKYFAVOR LCD and LED medical gas area alarm panel

January 12,2024

SKYFAVOR medical gas alarm panel, there are mainly three types: master alarm, LED gas alarm and LCD alarm panel.

The master alarm is used as an area alarms monitoring center. When connected, the working conditions of the area alarms will be displayed on the area alarms monitoring center.

Medical master alarm is equipped with built-in RS-485 communication interface, which can be connected to the area alarm and gas management system to easily control the medical gas in the hospital.


LCD alarm panel, is touch screen, is elegant and smart.

It is popular in mid level and high level hospitals. We now exported many to south America, mid east countries, etc.



This LCD gas area alarm unit can maximum reach to 8 gases.

ISO and NFPA colors code, easy gas identification.

The setting is also very easy, you can set the gas type and high/low pressure by only one button.

For the installation, it can be wall mounted, and also embedded.

Skyfavor LED gas alarm, is more economy, but still with very good quality, because it use same sensors with the LCD area alarm.



The LED gas alarm medical can reach 7 gases maximum, and easy installation and maintenance.

The area alarm panel is OEM, logo acceptable, and also how many gases, what gas type, what pressure unit, etc. can be customized for you.


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