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Medical gas vacuum system -Important gas system in hospital

May 28,2024

Vacuum generation system is an integrated component of the medical gas supply system in the healthcare facility. Vacuum supply is indispensable in everyday clinical and hospital procedure.


The essential components of a vacuum plant system i.e., Vacuum pumps, Vacuum Filters, Control system, vacuum tanks are integrated on single platform complete with interconnecting pipework and electrical connection made ready for operation.

Medical vacuum plants has been designed to provide continuous stable supply of medical vacuum to a pipeline system of the healthcare facilities, which are used to aspired fluids and secretions from the OT, ICU and regular treatment wards.


Skyfavor Medical has oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump and oil free claw pump.

Oil-lubricated Rotary vane Vacuum pumps are ideal for economical and vibration free operation. These are simple and offer high flow capacity. Duplex or Triplex pumps are provided to maintain supply in single fault condition. Motor connected to the pump are air-cooled, designed for frequent start /stop operation with lesser torque


The oil-flooded rotary vane vacuum pump is a durable long-life pump have an integrated mesh filter on the suction side and on the outlet side.


In this medical vacuum area, there are many famous companies all over the world, such as AMICO in Canada, NOVAIR Medical Vacuum  Systems, designed for the central supply of medical vacuum in hospitals/clinics; Dräger, the Medical Vacuum Control monitors and switches the vacuum pumps to ensure an even aggregate load and alert you to any system malfunction as early as possible; AmcareMed Medical Vacuum Plant, with two vertical and horizontal tank mount configurations; Tri-Tech Medical, provide suction for various procedures.