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Introduction of Skyfavor Medical Vacuum & Air plant System

December 29,2023

Hello, everyone

Here is the short introduction of our medical vacuum and air plant system for you.

Our factory have been in this area for more than 15 years.

Medical vacuum system consists of vacuum pumps, receiver tank, control panel, pipes, valves and base, etc.

Medical air plant system consists of air compressor, PLC controller, filter, dryer, monitor, receiver tank, interconnecting pipework and wiring,

The pumps and compressors are fully meet with NFPA 99 and also manufactured in ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 system.

The vacuum pump is available in both oil-lubricated rotary vane and oil-free claw type.

For the pump, you can choose our own Chinese brand, also can choose Germany brand: Busch, or Elmo Rietschie.

The air plant is available in oil free scroll type, and can be equipped with different power, several systems according to hospitals’ need.

The system is skid mounted with compact component layout, easy for use, installation and maintenance.

Up to six vacuum pumps or compressors can be connected in one system to meet hospital flow demand.

All the system is customized. Send us your requirements, like capacity, power supply information, sea level, outlet pressure, etc., then the solution can be made for you.

Contact us. Lets talk more.

Skyfavor Medical Vacuum