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Zone Valve Boxes are mainly used in medical pipelines to allow maintenance of individual zones without disturbing the gas flow to other zones. In case of emergencies, zone valve boxes can also be used to shutoff of gas distribution to individual zones. A single box can hold from 1 to 7 valves, allowing control of 7 types of gas. All boxes are factory-assembled with the smallest valve on top, largest on bottom.


Designed to house up to seven shut-off valves, each valve controls a different gas

Gas Service is distinguished by label color

Wall mount style

Copper tubes are welded to prevent leakage

Tubing is 100% tested for leakage

Accepts valve sizes 1/2 through 2 inches

Complies with NFPA 99 requirements


Temperature -20-60℃; Humidifier 10%-95%

Maximum pressure of Oxygen, Air(4Bar), N2O, CO2 is 0.8MPa without leakage

Maximum pressure of N2 and Air(7Bar) is 1.2MPa without leakage

Maximum pressure of VAC is -0.075MPa without leakage