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Oil-Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum System


Medical vacuum system consists of vacuum pumps, receiver tank, control panel, pipes, valves and base, etc. which is fully meet with NFPA 99 and also manufactured in ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO45001 system. The vacuum pump is available in both oil-lubricated rotary vane and oil-free claw type. 

The system is skid mounted with compact component layout, easy for use, installation and maintenance.  

Up to six vacuum pumps can be connected in one system to meet hospital flow demand.

Each vacuum pump is equipped with filter, unloading valve, check valve and temperature sensor, to ensure the reliability and quality.

SystemModel No.Each pumpSystem CapacityScreen SizeTank CapacityNoise LevelDimensionsWeight
DuplexMEDVAC ROT-4.0D4.0200730072160*150*2301056
MEDVAC ROT-7.5D7.5300730074160*150*2301176
triplexMEDVAC ROT-2.7T2.7200730065160*225*2301199
MEDVAC ROT-4.0T4.0400760072160*225*2301440
MEDVAC ROT-7.5T7.5600760074160*225*2301620
QuadruplexMEDVAC ROT-2.7Q2.73001060065160*225*2301286
MEDVAC ROT-4.0Q4.06001060072160*225*2301608
MEDVAC ROT-7.5Q7.59001060074160*225*2301848
PentaplexMEDVAC ROT-2.7P2.74001060065160*300*2301590
MEDVAC ROT-4.0P4.08001060072160*300*2301992
MEDVAC ROT-7.5P7.512001060074160*300*2302292
HexaplexMEDVAC ROT-2.7H2.75001060065160*300*2301678
MEDVAC ROT-4.0H4.010001060072160*300*2302160
MEDVAC ROT-7.5H7.515001060074160*300*2302520


1. The vacuum plant is operated at an ambient temperature of 0-40 °C. Please contact our company for special environmental temperature requirements.

2. System capacity measured at pressure -60kPa.

3. System capacity is for working vacuum pump, not including the vacuum pump on standby.

4. Above configurations are for regular, if any other specifications, please contact our staff.