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model:Infusion Pump IPA112


◆3.5 inch LCD screen for clear vision within 5 meters
◆One-button night mode design for patient’s more comfortable rest at night
◆User friendly numeric setting key
◆Comfortable handle 
◆Pull & Push hook design for easier door open and close
◆Anti-slip pump base support
◆Finger-tip peristaltic pump with down-stream free-flow protect

Display features
☆ Battery display
☆ Time left display
☆ Drug library code display for clinical & customized drug use
☆ Body-Weight mode to satisfy different drug dosage in clinical use
☆ Rate,Time-Rate,Volume-Rate,Time-Drop,Volume-Drop,Time-Volume to satisfy different clinical choices
☆ 5 different brands of I.V sets can be calibrated and customized into the system

Backside features
☆ RS232
☆ DC for ambulance or different condition power supply
☆ Liquid drop cover to protect liquid into AC power supply socket

+   Module Design for easier local service in any countries
+ Double CPU to ensure higher reliability
+ General graphic identification
+ Manufacturing according to Chinese YYT0287 & European ISO13485
+   Rohs & CE qualified

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