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The device, as auxiliary infusion device, equipped with independent dual-core CPU, intelligently controls the whole process of infusion. With peristaltic pump as power source, real-time monitoring by multiple sensors, and multiple alarm functions, the device can meet the requirements of infusion under various circumstances, overcome the shortage of gravity infusion, meet the needs of clinical intravenous infusion and improve the accuracy of intravenous infusion.

Important Properties

1. Stored infusion parameters: Setup and storage of flow rate accuracy of 5 types of IV sets

2.Adjustable scope of infusion flow rate: Infusion flow rate (adjustable from 1ml/h to 1200ml/h) can meet the needs in different situations.

3.Operated with its internal battery: Don’t worry about interruption of transfusion during patient

4.Transport or sudden power outage. Batteries can be externally removed, easy for transportation and maintenance.

5.Dual CPU structure: Reliable system architecture able to ensure the security of system.

6.Ultrasonic air bubble detector: Ultrasonic detection technique which ensures accurate air bubble detection, is applicable to various liquids and IV sets.

7.Tube occlusion test: Occlusion alarm pressure range: 3 levels, easier to use

8.Dosage mode(Body weight mode):Able to turn into a proper flow rate of infusion automatically when body weight, drug and solution volume are entered

9.Basic performance: Flow rate accuracy


3.5 Inch LCD Screen doctors can see within 20 meters

Finger Peristaltic Pump


User Friendly Numeric keys

Competitive Advantage:

1.Reliable quality, less service.

2.Classic numeric key button for easiest operation, within 10 meters doctor & nurse can learn how to use it.

3.100-240V wide voltage range to match different markets & hospitals.

4.One-button night mode for patient’s comfortable rest at night.

5.Except for normal alarms, we cover more alarms than competitors like even Door Open, low temperature etc.

6.For drop rate, Micro & Macro is both available.

7.One page LCD screen for clear vision of all parameters.

8. Mostly for better & easy clinical use.

9.For specifications, we cover most clinical use parameters, and similar to competitor brand specifications.

10.8 hours + battery support.

11. ISO & CE Certificate


Model No./ ParametersIPA112
Infusion PrincipleFingertip Peristaltic Pump
I.V.Set CompatibilityOpen System, match all brands of qualified PVC,TPE I.V.sets with external diameter of 3.8mm-4.2mm
Range of Flow Rate0.1-1200ml/h
Infusion ModeRate, Rate-Time, Rate-Volume, Time-Volume, Drop-Volume, Drop-Time, Body Weight
Drug Library20 drug list with drug code display
Purge/Bolus Rate1-1200ml/h,defalut 800ml/h, step by 1ml/h
Single Bolus Volume1.0-10ml Adjustable, default 3ml
Time Preset00: 01~99: 59 (Hour: Min)
Volume Range1~9999ml
Drop Range1-400d/min, step by 1 drop
Total Volume Infused0-9999 ml
Occlusion PressureHigh40 KPa±20KPa
Middle60 KPa±20KPa
Air in line DetectionUltrasonic wave
Visible & Audible AlarmsAir in line, Down Stream Occlusion, Door Open, VTBI Completion, Near Completion, Low Battery, Battery Exhausted, Low Temperature, Motor Malfunction, A.C Disconnection, A.C connection, I.V set dislocation, MPU Error, Batery Charing, Battery Charing Completion, Circuit Malfunction
K.V.O Rate1ml/h-5ml/h, default value 1ml/h, can be programmed by user step 0.1ml/h
Internal BatteryLithium battery, 11.1/2000mAh, more than 4 hours working back up
Power Consumption30VA
PowerAC 100V-240V   50HZ/60HZ
ClassificationClass II, Type CF, IPX4
Dimension & Weight13×17.5×23 cm;2Kg
Optional FunctionAmbulance DC 12V