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Oxygen Generator Medical Oxygen Making Machine PSA Oxigen Plant


Medical oxygen generator system could supply pureoxygen for all kinds of hospitals and clinics continuously.

Medical oxygen generators system use Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to separate the oxygen from air. Our oxygen plant equipment put the air as raw material, zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, under the normal temperature low pressure, using the selectivity of zeolite molecular sieve for oxygen adsorption. The purity is 93%±3%. 



High reliabilityProven PSA technologies such as big flange structure, snowstorm filling, gas distribution system, gas speed control technology, unequal pressure balance system,etc make our gas nitrogen generator more reliable .

Easy installation: Skid structure, fully assembled and test qualified beforedelivery

Convenient operation: With a simple touch on the touch screen, machine starts to run

Minimized maintenanceAfter 8000 hours operation, simply replace the three filter elements and activated carbon for air treatment part, no other regular maintenance needed.


Oxygen system

Main Parts:

Air compressor

Air compressor provides compressed air source for whole system, the flow and pressure are to be decided by the desired nitrogen flow rate, purity, outlet pressure.

Air treatment part

Get rid of water, oil, impurities in compressed air coming from the air compressor, providing clean, dry, oil-free compressed air for the PSA nitrogen separator. It includes 3 filters, 1 refrigerant dryer and 1 activated carbon oil remover. After treatment, dew point of compressed air can reach -40 degree , dust content is not larger than 0.01mg/m3, solid particles diameter is not larger than 0.01μ, oil mist content is not more than 0.003mg/m3.

Air tank

It quickly increases the pressure of adsorption tower;

It also stores gas for air compressor, buffers system pressure;

Oxygen separator

The oxygen is separated from compressed air, sent to buffer tank as produced gas. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, etc. are discharge from muffler as exhausted gases.

Oxygen buffer tank

It balances pressure fluctuation, ensure stable Oxygen supply;

With nitrogen re-blowing system, this O2 buffer tank can also quickly increases the pressure of adsorption towers.


Technical index:

ItemStandard  parametersOptionalRemarks (optional)
Oxygen capacity5~ 200 Nm³/h>200Nm³/hUse VPSA
Oxygen pressure0.1~0.5 Mpa>0.5 MpaUsing a booster
Oxygen purity90~95%>95%Use cryogenic or passivation devices
Dew point of oxygen (atmospheric pressure)-40℃-40℃~-70℃Using an adsorption dryer

Oxygen generator parameter table (purity: 90%~95%):

ModelOxygen productionAir consumption