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Oxygen concentrator is an electrically operated medical device which provides purified oxygen. This device works by pumping indoor air into a container that separates oxygen from room air and concentrates it to provide oxygen continuously to users.Compared with other oxygen supply devices like compressed oxygen cylinder, the oxygen concentrator is larger in size and it may restrict the movement of the user since it operates on electricity. However, its operation is simple and no refill of oxygen is required. Therefore, it is suitable for long term use at home.

They require very little maintenance among their lifetime. All inner components are modulization designed, very easy to be maintained by general persons. The work performances are very steadily.

Main Features

Easy to maintain with modular design

Easy replacement of filters

Neat and innovative design

Oxygen concentration display

Timer and time accumulation

Audible and visual alarm:

Low oxygen

Power failure

Compressor failure

Low& high flow

Competitive Advantage:

1.Lithium molecular sieve

2.GVS imported filters

3.USA imported master board

4.Modular design

5.Packing box with 10mm thickness