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♦English menus. Simple and fast set-up

♦The host can set different music for calling 

♦Host has 7 level voice volume that can switch automatically between day and night

♦Extension has 7 level voice volume

♦Three-level illness: critical, serious, cured which showed from host by Red, Orange and Green color

♦High priority: Senior sick calls can interrupt Junior sick calls

♦Installation will need only 1pc two cord line, all the extensions is in parallel

♦Extension number can be revised freely

♦Without interruption call: It can call when talking

♦Multi-Display: both the host and corridor display will show calling room if there is calling. Otherwise it will show time

♦Failure Alarm: the host will give out alarm if there is problem with the system


Maximum Capacity of Patients/Extension Can Be Paged: 60/90

Maximum Communication Distance: 300 Meters

Power Source:  AC110---220V   50Hz---60Hz

Working Method: Continuous

Power Consumption: ≤25W

Working Conditions: Temperature  00C~400C     Relative Humidity  ≤80%

Main Power Supply :  19V+1V

Dimension of the Host: 57*42*3.5cm(60gates)

Weight of the Host: 2.6KG