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SkyFavor Medical Gas outlets Introduction

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Welcome SkyFavor medical gas outlets terminals~


Several standards available: DIN, BS, JIS, DISS, OHMEDA, CHEMETRON, AFNOR, CIG, etc.


For the materials, we have full brass, and half brass.


For the style, we have console style for bed head units, still wall installation style.


Our medical gas outlets have very good quality.


The metal cover is processed by the carlogo productionstandard electroplating process, more corrosion resistant and antibacterial.


The upper part is made by a one-time machining center, with high accuracy for the center.The probe can beplugged in and out smoothly.


The base adopts hull welding technology, not crack under the condition of constant pressure.


The spool spring,made of 316 stainless steel, then the VAC terminal will not breakthoughlong time exposed to corrosive liquids.


and adopts thickened stainless steel pins, and the fatigue test plug-in times can reach 100,000 times.


Our gas outlets are widely exported all over the world, such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, Mid East, Africa, Europe, etc.


Contact with us, lets work together~