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LCD Medical Automatic Manifold MS-300


Medical automatic manifold system is designed to provide a continuous and uninterrupted gas supply to the facility without any manual adjustments. This system automatically switches over when the primary cylinder bank is depleted. Even in case of a power failure, the system continues to supply gas without interruption. The system is designed in accordance with NFPA 99 and ISO standards.


10.1 inches LCD touch screen, full-automatic manifold;

Suitable for Oxygen, Air, Nitrogen, N₂O, CO₂;

Remote alarm system;

Electric heater function is optional

Piping joints with silver brazing, maximum leak prevention;

Pressure switch port is available;

Whole system has been high cylinder pressure tested, safety and reliable;

Wall or floor mount installation available

Technical Specifications:
LCD manifold 02


LCD Screen: 10.1 inches

Input power: AC110-240V, 50/60Hz

Input pressure: 4-200bar;

Output pressure: 3-10bar;

Maximum output flow: 100m³/h;

Alarm Signal: Sound and light simultaneously (support 485 communication output);

Ambient temperature:-20~40℃;

Ambient humidity: ≤85%;

Pressure units: MPA, PSI, KPA, Bar