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LCD Touch Screen Medical Gas Alarm


medical gas alarm, area alarm, gas alarm panel

LCD medical gas alarm is to monitor the gas pressure.

The alarm displays the pressure in real time through the digital tube. The alarm point can be set according to the requirements of each parameter.

The gas area alarm is equipped with RS-485 communication interface, multiple alarms can be networked to connect to the central monitoring system.


10.1 inch LCD touch screen, elegant and smart

Gas type and gas pressure etc. monitoring

Setting of gas type and high/low pressure valve is flexible by one button

Infrared remote sensor makes operation(including mute) correct and easier

Acrylic glass screen, concealed and unconcealed installation

Audible and visual alarm


Input power: AC100-240V, DC 24+5%

Power consumption: 10W

Gas quantity: 1-8 gases

Pressure range: -0.1MPa-1.0MPa

Units: MPa, KPa, PSI, inHg, Bar, mmHg (customized)

RS485 interface, can connect to PC