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Why use syringe infusion pump and how do they work?

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syringe pump is a motor-driven precision pump. Ituses one or more syringes to deliver precise and accurate amounts of fluid in high-impact research environments. 


An infusion pump is a medical device that delivers fluids, such as nutrients and medications, in large or small amounts, into a patient's body in controlled amounts. Infusion pumps are in widespread use in clinical settings such as hospitals,clinics andnursing homes.


How does a infusion pump work?

Classically, they use computer-controlled rollers compressing a silicone-rubber tube through which the medicine flows. Another common form is a set of fingers that press on the tube in sequence. Small-volume pumps usually use a computer-controlled motor turning a screw that pushes the plunger on a syringe.


How does a medical syringe pump work?

Syringe pumps, or syringe drivers, are motorised devices that accurately control the movement of a fluid from a syringe by mechanically inserting or retracting the plunger. Syringe pumps feature stepper motors which can accurately move a platform attached to the plunger of a syringe.