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What is a Syringe Pump?

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a syringe pump is a motor-driven precision pump that uses one or more syringes to deliver precise and accurate amounts of fluid in high-impact research environments.


Types of Syringe Pumps

There are two broad types of pumps: Laboratory syringe pump and Medical infusion pump.


Laboratory Syringe Pump: These are devices used in research laboratories for applications that require very accurate fluid deliveries. Lab research pumps typically handle smaller volumes and offer additional features that medical pumps do not have. Such as infuse and withdraw syringe pump, and multi syringes syringe pump. OEM module syringe pump and high-pressure syringe pump. The OEM module syringe pump and high-pressure syringe pump have been found useful in industrial applications recently.

Medical Infusion Pump: These are devices used to deliver controlled quantities of fluids such as nutrients, drugs, and blood to patients. This type of infusion pump can be used for in vivo diagnosis, treatment, and research.