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How to distribute the gases to the end user?

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The Medical gas supply systems in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are utilized to supply gases to various parts of the facilities.Main medical gas source are Oxygen,Medical air,Nitrous oxide,Nitrogen,Carbon dioxide,Medical vacuum and anaesthetic gas scavenging system(AGSS).

To get various of gas sources, healthcare facilities will usually havemedical oxygen generators systemmedical vacuum pumps system, medical air compressor system, nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrogen system, carbon dioxide system, and central workstation. For some small clinics, they might not have so complicated gas system, and often use medical manifold system in stead.

How to distribute the gases to the end users?

The simplest way is through copper pipe to zone valve box, medical gas alarm, bedhead units or pendants, then through gas outlets to the oxygen flow meters, etc. Patients use nasalcannulas or masks to absorb oxygen, etc.

Thearea service unit is mainly used in medical pipelines to allow maintenance of individual zones without disturbing the gas flow to other zones. In case of emergencies, zone valve boxes can also be used to shutoff of gas distribution to individual zones.

The medical area alarm is usedto monitor gas pressures and vacuum levels of the medical gas pipeline. All gasespressuresor vacuum levelscan bedisplayed on the digital or touch screen panel. When pressure higher or lower than the settled regular range, it will alarm and the hospitalpersonnel can deal with it quickly.

The bed headpanel, mainly used in hospital wards,ICU,can be loaded with gas outlets, power switches, sockets,lampsand other equipments. It is an essential gas outlet control device for the central oxygen supply and central attraction system. The bed head unit is the bedside life support system, is the rescue, the treatment, the nursing essential equipment.

The medical gas outlets are the point of provision of medical gases to patients. They also allow operation of surgical tools and supply respiratory ventilators during surgical procedure or anesthesia.

The oxygen flowmeter is mainly used to regulate the flow of oxygen, oxygen humidification. Whether its performance is accurate and reliable will directly affect the patient's personal safety.

To ensure safety of the gas supply system, all procedure should be dealt with strictly.