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Infant Radiant Warmer

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Baby Care Medical Newborn Radiant Infant Warmer


All cover parts made by plastic ABS through plastic molds

 Advanced and comfortable design 

 Easy for cleaning and disinfecting

 No rust resistance, avoid bacterial growth and cross infection in NICU

 With the insulation ABS plastic, protect the safety of the patient and operators

Convenient for taking X-ray

Ergonomic design head module with handle on both sides.

Can be rotated 160° both clockwise and anticlockwise

Radiation head tilting range ±30°

Support warm the patient from different angel

Far infrared ceramic heating tube from ELSTEIN (Germany)

Long lifetime, high strength, high thermal efficiency, high penetration and low energy consumption.

Good quality control, the surface porcelain not easy to take off to hurt the patients.

10.4 inch high-resolution LCD touch screen with rotary knob operation

Support efficiently operate the device both through the touch screen and rotary knob

Examination Lamp

Integrated examination lamp will be clearly to check the baby under the dimly environment. With the adjustable 

illumination intensity which makes the devices more humanization and comfortable.

Temperature control modes

Pre-heating model

When baby is not on the mattress, the mattress can be 

preheated if the mattress is not hot enough.

In preheat mode, the warmer first runs at 100% heater 

output for 15 minutes. Then, continue to operate with 

30% heater output.


10.4" LCD touch screen

Baby, manual and pre-heating mode 

APGAR and CPR timer 

Transparent Bed Side Panels 

Tilting Trenddelenburg 12°

Examination lamp 

IV-pole and shelf