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SkyFavor Indian Partner attend Medicall

View: 26 Author: Site Editor Publish Time: 2023-08-02 Origin: site

July 28-30, Medicall Expo was held in Chennai, India. Our Indian partner attended and presented our medical gas pipeline products at the exhibition, including medical gas alarms, zone valve box, bed head units, medical gas outlets, etc., which are well received and warmly welcomed by customers.


These medical gas pipeline products have high reliability and stability, and can meet the special requirements of the medical industry.

Among them, the medical gas alarm can monitor the gas leakage situation in the medical gas pipeline in real time, issue an alarm in time, and ensure the normal operation of the medical equipment.

The zone valve box can effectively control the flow and pressure of medical gas and ensure the stable operation of medical equipment.

Bed head panel and medical gas outlet can facilitate medical staff to treat and care for patients, and improve the efficiency and quality of medical services.

In short, the gas pipeline product line presented by SkyFavor Indian partner at Medicall exhibition has been warmly welcomed and highly praised by customers. They will continue to work on technological innovation and product research and development to make greater contributions to the development of the global healthcare industry.