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CoughSync100EU In-Line Exsufflator


CoughSync 100EU is the first In-Line Mechanical InExsufflation (IL-MIE) device in the world, enabling noninvasive clearance of airway secretions by simulating a natural cough in patients undergoing invasive mechanical ventilation. CoughSync works in synchrony with the patient's ventilator to suction sputum without interrupting ongoing ventilation.

The working principle of CoughSync 100EU as follows: A disposable 3-way suction tubing connects in-line with the ventilator’s tube and patient's tracheal cannula. The Sensors in the suction tubing track the rise and fall of airway pressure from ventilator, and identify the moment of ventilator’s exhalation. At that moment, the CoughSync system generates a sudden exsufflation airflow from the patient, while simultaneously closing off ventilator’s exsufflation. The rapid switch from inspiration to exsufflation simulates a high-flow natural cough, moving the patient’s secretions up. Insufflation is performed by the patient's ventilator, and exsufflation is performed by the CoughSync system, in a manner that does not disrupt the patient's ongoing ventilation, oxygen delivery and PEEP. The CoughSync system achieves non-invasive secretion clearance for intubated patients, avoiding many risks associated with traditional manual catheter suction.



1) 8-inch touch screen with data and waveform display

2) Ergonomic design with recessed handle

3) Automatic or manually-initiated operation

4) Exsufflation flow rate: > 200 L/min

5) Cough suction pressure: -30 to -90 cm H2O

6) Frequency of automatic treatments: every 5 to 120 minutes

7) Coughs per treatment: 1-10

8) Fully compatible with the following ventilation modalities:

-Assist Control


-Volume Control

-Pressure Control

-Pressure Support

9) Flutter function available

10) Cough Volume Limit function available

11) Cough Termination Sensitivity function available


Easy to Carry

·Support ml/h and d/min mode nad can

change by one key

Easy to Carry

·Support ml/h and d/min mode nad can

change by one key

Easy to Carry

·Support ml/h and d/min mode nad can

change by one key

Competitive Advantage:

1) Potentially decreases the risk of VAP (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia)

2) More effective than manual catheter suction

3) No airway scarring or bleeding

4) Avoids the hemodynamic disturbances of catheter suction

5) No patient discomforts

6) Continuous suction from deep lung and bronchi to avoid the formation of sputum bolt

7) Automatically sputum suction, saving medical-staff time and decreasing nurse workload

8) Possibility of more rapid weaning from ventilation


Automatic cough initiation and termination, controlled by Rxmed’s intelligent algorithm, ensures maximum efficacy and safety


Precise control of expired cough volume maintains post-cough PEEP in critical conditions


Pressure oscillations during the cough enhance secretion mobilization

SyncMate TubingTM

An integrated ventilator tubing solution to connect CoughSync system to any ventilator, and achieve optimal air and secretion flow