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Neonatal Baby Infant Incubator


Humanized design of the acrylic hood

Transparent acrylic hood produced by food grade acrylic

Front and back access panel design

6 access door and 10 tubing ports

EcoLa3000 infant incubator

Humanized design of the acrylic hood

Double wall design acrylic hood

Access panel can be opened both in the front and back side

Large dimension design (848*442*510mm) which could even ensure a suitable space for twin


8.4" LCD display

Temperature monitoring and servo control

Humidity monitoring and servo control

Air temperature and body temperature contorl

Mattress tilt ±12 °

Trend for 2, 4, 8, 12, 24 hours and up to 7 days

Front and rear double-walls and air curtain

Drawers Large (28.0cm x 24.7cm x 36.0cm)

Drawers Small (28.0cm x 11.3cm x 36.0cm) *2