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How to improve your sleep?
Update Time:2016-12-07
The DOs:
      Do create consistent sleep habits. Get your body used to going to bed and waking up at the same time every day and you’ll find it easier to fall asleep every night.
      Do understand your personal sleep needs. Getting a good night’s sleep means at least six and ideally as many as eight hours of sleep each night.
      Do spend time in natural light. Natural light gives your body melatonin, a hormone that tells your body when to sleep and when to wake up.
      Do create a comfortable sleep environment. Make sure your bedroom is cool, quiet and comfortable.

The Don’ts:
      Don't consume caffeine in the evening. Avoid tea, fizzy drinks, coffee and even chocolate in the hours before you go to sleep.
      Don't smoke or drink alcohol before bedtime. Alcohol may help you fall asleep, but it affects the body in ways that prevent getting a good night’s sleep throughout the night.
      Don't watch TV in bed. For that matter, also avoid reading, eating or working while in bed. Your body should associate your bed with sleep only.
      Don't nap during the day. Napping during the day may reduce your body’s need to sleep at night, negatively affecting your sleep and well-being.

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